Our Philosophy

Bottled authenticity

Right from the start, our parents asserted themselves as pioneers in mechanisation and soil tillage. In 1986, they switched to mechanical weeding, which is a good deal more expensive but greatly reduces use of synthetic chemical products. In 2008, we saw obtainment of Agriculture Biologique certification as an essential step, as it would be a guarantee of the authenticity of our philosophy in everyone’s eyes and officialise our approach.

Organic vineyard cultivation techniques strengthen soil life and increase the vines’ resistance to disease. The results on the vineyard’s health as well as on the balance and quality of our wines have convinced us to continue along this road. Soil tillage is essential in Organic Farming. The natural grassing that develops among the vines in winter is left to grow as it limits erosion phenomena, enables the land to better recuperate water, encourages microorganisms and loosens the soil.

An outstanding terroir

The Mediterranean climate we enjoy ensures that our parcels benefit from an annual average of 2,900 hours of sunshine, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, largely due to the Mistral, a cold, dry dominant north wind. Rainfall is low (between 550 and 680 mm a year) and essentially occurs in spring and autumn.

Today, our property includes 59 hectares of vines, mostly in AOC Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, on a gravelly clay-limestone terroir that ensures continuing freshness and humidity. The limestone provides our wines with roundness, body and power, along with a wide range of aromas, while the clay brings firmness, structure and dense colour to our red wines.

The Estate’s wines cover a variety of terroirs, enabling us to produce fresh, aromatic white wines, soft, elegant rosés, and delicious thoroughbred red wines, marked by the scents of the garrigue. It is this heritage that we wanted to make the utmost of and share through our products. 

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