The Estate

Vines, a family affair

It all began in Vallon de La Cadenière in the 1950s, when harvesting was still carried out with the cart coupled to our mule, Coco.

After the sense of accomplishment we all felt when we elaborated our first wine in 1973, our passion for our chosen activity could only increase. The Estate has provided for our family for 3 generations now. We acquired our winemaker’s knowhow from our grandparents, Léonie and Louis, and then from our parents, Gérard and Pierrette. Our family has made the utmost of our passion for this terroir and our philosophy in order to create wines in our own image.

Our property includes 59 hectares of vines, most of them in AOC Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. These days, Vincent, Pierre and Gabriel Tobias run the Estate, along with their sister Sylvie.

Our emblematic parcel: the Vallon d’Escale

Acquired by the Tobias brothers in 2000, this uninterrupted 21-hectare parcel expresses its full potential through our Vallon d’Escale range. Located near an age-old Greco-Roman road, numerous remains found in its soil show that it was already in use over 2000 years ago. A real haven of peace, the Valley then spent many years serving as a crossing point for shepherds. The dates carved in the stones of the old sheepfold testify to regular crossings since the early years of the 18th century.

The diversity of its soils, along with the sunshine and the different grape varieties it nurtures, enables us to elaborate wines of real depth that maintain outstanding aromatic complexity

Its strength also stems from its geographical location, with the influence of the Mediterranean and Lubéron Alpilles providing it with its own microclimate. 

Authentic grape varieties

Rosés and Reds


A variety originating in the Rhone Valley, characterised by small black berries with bluish reflections. It enables elaboration of full-bodied fruit-driven rosés of remarkable finesse, as well as spicy red wines with added fruity and floral notes and low in acid.



A Spanish variety widespread in Provence, which produces unctuous wines known for their full-bodiedness and power. It gives its wines elegant aromas of small red fruit (raspberries, blackcurrants, etc.) and develops spicy aromas over time.


A variety of Provençal origin, much in use for elaboration of rosé wines. It brings freshness, finesse and great fruitiness to our wines. A real advantage during assemblage!


Cabernet Sauvignon

A variety originating in Bordeaux, adding robustness to wines during assemblage. It provides power and softness alike. With aromas of black fruits (blackcurrants), violets and peppers, it gives structure and a complexity that reveals itself after being laid down for a few years.


A vigorous, pale-coloured Provençal variety that provides fruity and spicy notes in assemblage.


A crossing of Grenache and Malbec, this variety provides red wines with personality and excellent tannic structure, and rosés with fruitiness and notes of raspberries.


A Spanish variety low in acid but rich in aroma; its inclusion in assemblage elevates the wine’s tannic structure.




This age-old Provençal variety is also known as Vermentino; it provides our white wines with unctuosity, finesse and balance, along with aromas of pears and citrus fruits.


Sauvignon Blanc

Originating in the southwest of France, this variety produces dry white wines that are fresh, lively, elegant and fragrant on notes of grapefruit, exotic fruits and boxwood.



One of the oldest southern varieties, it produces a fresh wine with high alcohol content, for wines to drink within the year.


Muscat Petit Grain

This variety has been grown since Antiquity and produces wines with exotic aromas, a fresh attack and great delicacy. We use it for special cuvees of dry sparkling wines

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